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  1. Upgraded to WikkaWiki.

  1. Fixed up some XHTML and CSS W3C errors/warnings.
  2. If you navigate to a non-existing page, instead of saying 'Edit this page', it will say 'Create this page'.
  3. You can now delete pages that you own. Look for a small 'X' at the bottom after the Search bar.

  1. Fixed a bug with editing and having forms in your page.

  1. Added News to Index.
  2. Version is now SajuukWakka 0.1.4-dev.
  3. Lots of security & bug fixes.
  4. Header changed slightly to make it less evil for lower resolutions. :) Also to make room for Scope Reference!
  5. You can now include images! like this:
    {{Image url="http://site.org/image.png" link="http://site.org/" title="Alt Text"}}

    For example:

    Link and title are optional parameters.

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