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Homeworld2.exe Command-Line Parameters

Instructions (from the HW2 Modding FAQ)
Go to the directory where you installed Homeworld 2 and go to the "\bin\release\" folder and find the file called "homeworld2.exe"

"c:\program files\sierra\homeworld2\bin\release\homeworld2.exe"

Right-click on this file and select Create Shortcut from the drop-down menu.
After you do this there should be a new icon at the end of the list called "homeworld2.exe". Right-click on that icon and select Cut from the menu.
Now, close all the windows you opened and right-click on any open space on your desktop. Select Paste from the drop-down menu. Now, you should have an icon on your desktop that says "Homeworld2.exe".
Right-click on this icon again and click on Properties from the drop down menu. Find the target line, which should look something like this (with quotes):
"c:\program files\sierra\homeworld2\bin\release\homeworld2.exe"

At the end of this line add a space and then "-overrideBigFile" (without quotes). So, in the end your target line will look like this:
"c:\program files\sierra\homeworld2\bin\release\homeworld2.exe" -overrideBigFile

Finally, click on the Ok button.



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Added campaign and starting level
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